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Implant Planning System

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Simple steps
to successful implant planning with high-precision drilling templates
Step 1 Perform Cone Beam Scan and open DICOM data

SMOP allows dentists and dental technicians to plan implant cases based on Cone Beam or CT data and to obtain precise drilling templates for use during implant placement:

Prepare and plan cases without significant investment and with an easy learning curve:


  • no preparation (no scanning template) needed before CBCT/CT
  • one-click data transfer
  • SMOP used directly as a viewer
Step 2 Prepare the data and plan the implants

SMOP allows you to determine optimal implant position, taking existing bone and planned prosthetic position into account:


  • intuitive planning software that allows easy exchange of your planning data via Internet with colleagues, dental labs or other service providers
  • open interfaces to CAD/CAM
  • short processing times


Step 3 Design and print the surgical template

After the treatment plan is finalized and all implants are planned, the dentist orders the drilling template by simply clicking the order button.

Swissmeda, a local service center or the dentist can now use SMOP’s Template Designer to design the drilling templates based on the patient's individual needs and treatment plan.

After this digital template is validated by the dentist via SMOP, the surgical stent is printed by a 3D printing center of your choice:


  • digitally designed drilling template
  • 3D printing process to manufacture the drilling templates 
  • short processing time


Step 4 Surgery – using the template

Through the new special design, the printed templates fit precisely to the stone models and teeth. The light construction results in a good overview for the surgeon. Further, the templates do not disturb cooling procedures. In some cases, it may make sense to prepare a provisional restoration using the template and planning beforehand:


  • precise template fit, yielding good overview and allowing cooling
  • customized design adapted to your treatment strategy 
  • supports all available guided kits of all implant systems

SMOP allows dentists and dental technicians to plan implant cases based on Cone Beam or CT data and to obtain precise drilling templates for use during implant placement:

Prepare and plan cases without significant investment and with an easy learning curve:


  • no preparation (no scanning template) needed before CBCT/CT
  • one-click data transfer
  • SMOP used directly as a viewer
Implant Planning System

The Implant Planning System provides a lot of features to plan implants within 3D radiologic data (DICOM). The Implant Planning System is specifically designed for dental professionals and dental technicians. Its main purpose is to position implants with respect to the current bone situation, the soft tissue situation, and the prosthetic intention. Click here to see the full SMOP process.


After implant planning is completed, you can order a drilling template from your connected Service Partner, or you can design the drilling template yourself (Template Designer license required). In addition, you can exchange data among dentists, Service Partners, colleagues, and Swissmeda's support team using Swissmeda's easy-to-use sharing concept.


The Implant Planning System is licensed by yearly subscription, which includes updates, server use, and case-specific costs for export of planning data. We offer two types of subscription. Click here to check pricing details.

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SMOP Interface to Carestream Dental Software
Template Designer

The Template Designer is a Computer-aided design (CAD) plug-in for the Implant Planning System. It was developed to easily design surgical templates based on SMOP implant planning. The Template Designer was conceived to help dental technicians offer design services to their customers (dentists).


When you purchase a Template Designer license, an additional icon appears in the Implant Planning System. Clicking it gives you access to all design features. You can design SMOP drilling templates using the system’s simple process. Note: Drilling templates are protected by patents submitted by Swissmeda.


The Template Designer is licensed through yearly subscription. For Service Partners, pay-per-use prices and other conditions are fixed in the contract between the Service Partner and Swissmeda. The Template Designer is also available to individual dental technicians without a Service Partner contract. Individual dental technicians must buy 50 template designs per year in advance; unused designs are not credited to the next subscription year.

Please contact for more information.

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SMOP Template Designer
Mobile App

Swissmeda’s Mobile App "smop" was designed as a viewer for dentists. Dentists can view their own and colleagues’ cases shared with them. With the Mobile App, you can make visual inspections and approve implant planning and template design while out of the office. At present, you can only view cases, but in the near future, additional features will be added, such as correction of implant positions.


The Mobile App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on iPhone or iPad. It is free for all existing Swissmeda customers who hold a license for the Implant Planning System. If you do not have a valid license, you can still download the app for free. However, you can view only cases shared with you by existing Swissmeda customers who are Independent Users in the Planning System. Each such share requires expenditure of points on the part of the person sharing the data. Click here to check user types and pricing details.

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Upload Your Cases via Web

Now you can order full case service on the web in a few simple steps. No software installation is required - everything is done in your browser. Just send us your Cone Beam or Computer Tomography (DICOM) data and the actual intraoral situation via model or digital impression (STL files).



We organize all the planning for you using our products. Our service includes: data preparation, surgical planning containing detailed information about the planned implants, surgical (stent) design, and production and shipment of templates in time for your surgery.


While we carry out the digital planning, you can concentrate on your patients and on growing your business. With SMOP full service, you will need as little as 10 to 15 minutes per patient to review and adapt the implant planning and order the surgical template design. We do everything else for you.

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Extra products

Get more advantages from using SMOP!

Service Partner Package

Swissmeda´s Service Partner package is designed to support dental labs and service providers who want to offer one or more of the following services: template design, scans, data alignment of stone model and waxup, and preparation and support of implant planning.

The package carries a monthly flat fee, which includes a maximum number of designs per month. The lowest flat fee includes 10 template designs per month. In addition, the Service Partner must register one Implant Planning System license (User Type "Pro") to produce the services.

The main advantage of this package is that the Service Partner can register its own customers (dentists) to connect with. The customers can then directly order services and templates from the Service Partner. These customers are registered as (User Type "Standard") and charged to the Service Partner.

Please contact Swissmeda ( for more information.

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Volume Compare

Volume Compare is standalone software developed in collaboration with the University of Zürich to compare surfaces – representing impressions of the mouth created at different time stages. The research purpose was to obtain information on decreasing or increasing volume due to soft tissue augmentation.


This software is applied in several studies (click here to see the publications). It is used mainly by universities and several important research groups in this field.


Please contact​ Swissmeda ( if you have any questions.

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Volume Designer

Volume Designer is a plug-in for the Implant Planning System. This plug-in, developed in collaboration with the University of Bern, is designed to mark cysts. Volume Designer is adapted to designing bone blocks or other volumes. The marking of such volumes is easily accomplished using a computer mouse within the 3D view showing the radiological data. Such marked volumes can be displayed and analyzed to obtain the size of the including volume and the dimension of the encircling surface. The marked volumes can be exported (STL data) to be used for milling or 3D printing purposes.

Volume Designer is currently available only in test mode (as a beta version). Please contact if you have any questions.

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Price Plans

Implant Planning System usage costs
(for surgeons, dentists and dental technicians)

The system is tailored to the requirements of dentists and laboratories. There are no setup fees. Annual fees are very low and cover the costs of technical maintenance and basic support. Prices do not include VAT.
Viewer for dentists with service provider
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0 € per year

+ 450 € per case for planning and print out

(Price does not include metal sleeves, if needed for your requested implant system)
For dentists to connect with their local service provider read more

0-800 € per year

+ service fee per order

* Prices are set by your chosen service partner

For dental professionals experienced in the digital workflow read more

Flatfee, starting at 500 € per month for 5 cases per month

Mobile Viewer (iOS)
Desktop Viewer (Mac, Win)
Implant Planning Program (Mac, Win)
Implant Planning
Implant planning (import and align model and waxup data, plan implants, jaw arc alignment) service provider
Export data (surgical plan, 3D data) service provider service provider
Design surgical guide service provider service provider
Costs & Services
Case export (surgical plan, 3D data) included in full case planning service provider number of included cases depends on flatfee
Template design service included in full case planning 120-160 € number of included cases depends on flatfee
3D printing & shipping included in full case planning 60-90 € do oneself
Full case planning 450 € service provider do oneself
Sharing with free users not possible 25 € 25 €
Cloud data storage service provider 4GB
+5GB 75 €
+5GB 75 €
Costs for other products: We offer packages for Service Partners, OEM companies and special products for universities. Please contact us for additional details.