Research at University

Importance of Research in Advancement of Dentistry

To maintain our solutions at the most advanced level, we collaborate with many universities from several countries.

Together with the University of Zürich, we have optimized our template design to the requirements of such outstanding surgeons as Prof. Dr. Christoph Hämmerle and Prof. Dr. Ronald Jung. Together with Prof. Dr. David Schneider, we developed software to analyze and better understand long-term results from soft tissue augmentation and reduction.

With the University of Bern (Prof. Dr. Michael Bornstein / Prof. Dr. Valerie Suter) we implemented procedures in our SMOP system for sketching 3D volumes into the radiological 3D picture of the patient yaw. The goal was to mark and measure cysts and other anomalies. These procedures can now be used to mark and design bone blocks to be exported for manufacturing.

Below is a list of all universities we collaborate with and a list of publications involving Swissmeda/SMOP.

Research Partners

Name Location
Universität Zürich Switzerland
Universität Bern Switzerland
Université de Genève Switzerland
Universität Basel Switzerland
Universität Ulm Germany
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg Germany
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main Germany
Universidad Complutense de Madrid Spain


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Volume Compare and Volume Designer:

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In progress
“Prospective clinical study for 3-D volumetric evaluation of two techniques for periimplant GBR procedures”
Schneider D, Thoma D, Jung RE, Hämmerle CHF in progress